Masterstroke Swimming

Trish and Annabelle

Trish and Annabelle have been coaching primary and secondary school students in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane in swimming for the last 15 years.  Annabelle and Trish ran the extra curricular swimming at Nudgee Junior College from 2009 to 2014, before moving to Kenmore State School.

During that time they have have developed a swimming efficiency program to fast track a child’s ability to become streamlined swimmers.

The Streamline Program is not about swimming countless laps and just getting to the other end of the pool. It is about taking the time to make each child more "efficient" in the water: This "efficiency" skill can then be used in other water sports such as water polo. Being a confident swimmer also carries over in their social lives.

Our Streamline Program focuses on the following aspects of swimming:

Body position in the water

Kicking and breathing techniques

Turning and diving techniques

Stroke correction

Every child will develop these skills at different speeds. With patience and persistence every child can be a more efficient swimmer. This is our goal at Masterstroke Swimming.